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Online Golf Lessons and Swing AnalysisThe Dewsweepers Golf School and it’s lead instructors Tony Ruggiero and Wayne Flint have unparalelled success in developing players and improving their scores.  Their students have shot the all time lowest recorded score in competitive golf, a 57,  ranked number 1 in the world junior rankings, and had numerous victories on  major professional tours including the Canadian and Nationwide.  Wayne teaches current PGA Tour rookie Gary Christian and Tony teaches Nolan Henke, three-time past Champion on the PGA Tour.

Their style is a fundamentals-based, easy to understand philosophy which allows you to understand your swing so that you can practice it more effectively and perform it better on your own on YOUR golf course.  Dewsweepers uses the latest in technology to aid in the learning experience.  The SwingCatalyst Biomehanical Feedback System measures rotational force, weight shift, plus timing and rhythm, and includes a high speed camera video system and flight scope Doppler radar launch monitor.  The goal of Dewsweepers is to help our students understand the fundamentals of their swing, helping them apply what they learn, faster.

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Tony and Wayne’s strength comes from the deep personal relationships they develop with all of their students. The two are devoted to helping their players to achieve their goals and play their best.  Call 800.203.4885 for more information or to sign up for a Dewsweepers Instruction program.

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